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Concrete Engineering Services in Rochester, MN

Contact David Castleberg at or (507) 254-2564 for concrete engineering of mix designs. Discuss your project with us and we’ll mix exactly what you need to get it done right. Our concrete engineers in Rochester, MN, know the business extremely well and can speak your language to make sure you get precisely what your job needs. Ready Mix produces and supplies the highest quality concrete, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our industry.

QC and Testing

Ready Mix thoroughly tests material and mix components at their source of origin. We also adhere to proven mixing techniques and ongoing testing of the concrete mixture following ASTM standards both at the plant and at delivery at the jobsite.

Our concrete engineering staff in Rochester, MN, and each other plant location have all the levels of Plant and Concrete Production Certification to consistently produce and test our concrete to the highest required standards. Our scales used for weighing material for concrete production are tested by an outside and independent firm for accuracy of MN Units of Measure.

Ready Mix Products SDS Links

SDS Antifreeze 2016.pdfSDS Holcim 2016.pdfSDS Microsilica 2016.pdf
SDS BWT-251 Boiler TX.pdfSDS Holcim Gypsum 2016.pdfSDS Muratic Acid 2016.pdf
SDS BWT-600 CO- Polymer DISP 2016.pdfSDS Hydrite Truck wash 2016.pdfSDS NO.1 Diesel Fuel 2016.pdf
SDS Back-Set 2016.pdfSDS K-1 Kerosene 2016.pdfSDS Portland 2016.pdf
SDS Brighten-up-50 2016.pdfSDS KB-1200 2016.pdfSDS Potent Purple 2016.pdf
SDS Calcium Chloride 2016.pdfSDS Kiln Dust Cement 2016.pdfSDS Prism Liquid Colorants 2016.pdf
SDS Chromix Color Integral 2016.pdfSDS Krystol 2016.pdfSDS Q-2 2016.pdf
SDS Con-E-Co Replacement liners 2016.pdfSDS Lafarge 2016.pdfSDS Polychem Renu 2016.pdf
SDS Concrete 2016.pdfSDS Lafarge_Portland_Cement 2016_NA_042315_FINAL_English.pdfSDS Polychem Super Set 2016.pdf
SDS Continental Cement 2016.pdfSDS Lightweight agg 2016.pdfSDS Unleaded Gasoline 2016.pdf
SDS Headwater Fly Ash 2016.pdfSDS Limestone 2016.pdf SDS Polychem VMA 2016.pdf



Ready Mix


We operate plants throughout southeastern Minnesota, including an aggregate supply site. We can also locate a portable plant on site.

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